Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just a Small oddity

There isnt anything too significant about this post, but this is a good example of some of the quirky fun we have in the army.

We were having Final Formation (closing of the day), waiting for the First Sergeant to call us to attention. Instead, he walks out with several boxes, and begins throwing random beauty and hygeine products at each platoon. A bottle of dishwashing liquid didn't quite make it to the hands of a member of my team, and the sidewalk in front of us became awash with purple fluid, which sudded up slightly as water from the sprinkler fell into the pool of soap. Dental floss, body wash, banaca, shaving cream, etc etc etc rained from the sky, and then we held formation like nothing ever happened.

Pretty odd, but it breaks the monotony. That's the important thing, I guess.

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