Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Doing My Job

I'm currently trying to find a way to take leave and go south, to where the hurricanes have hit, to help. So far, my attempts have failed, and I'll be told why tomorrow.

I still have an inkling of a few reasons as to why I scrawled my John Hancock on one of the meanest contracts on the planet.

Maybe its MY head that's filled with illusions. Could it be that preparing to fight in a different country is more important than aiding our own people?

The news companies are crawling over this like sadistic, demonic scavengers over the remains of a corpse, greedily feasting in some feeding frenzy for ratings, thus sponsorship, and ultimately, more money.

Its sickly funny, I was telling a friend over MSN that we'll probably hear about the rise of gas prices because of this, and it will be big news to those of us who aren't directly affected. Without exaggeration, immediately after I finished typing that and hit SEND, my roommate comes to my side of the room and tells me that they're talking about the rise of gas prices on CNN.

Once again, you have managed to put a fucking DOLLAR SIGN on anything you can, sparing nothing, showing ZERO compassion, not even for HUMAN LIFE. Is this America? Is THIS the state of mind of the general populace that I've sworn to defend? Martial Law down there because people are LOOTING. A police officer shot in the head, trying to stop looters. Is this the United States?

I used to say "America! Fuck yeah!!!"

Now I'm asking, "America! What the FUCK?!"

I'm going to talk to my platoon sergeant tomorrow and listen to what he has to say about why I can't sacrifice my Christmas leave to do MY JOB. If it isnt a damn good reason, then I'll march over to the troop commanders office and wait until he'll see me. After that, I'll wander all over post until I find the man in charge of this brigade. Don't treat me too harshly, I'm using the chain of command. Sorry if that was too sardonic.

AWOL. It isnt hard to go AWOL. I've seen several guys return from AWOL. Article 15, and 45 days extra duty, along with everyone who failed drug tests. If I come back after three weeks of providing aid to be punished under UCMJ, receiving the same punishment as deserters and druggees, I won't feel the least bit of shame. Not for me. Maybe for my superiors and the leaders of this country. Punish me for doing the right thing. The name 'Jesus' enters my thought process for some reason. Hmm.

This isnt a big issue to most people it seems. Its just on TV, its millions of miles away, its not right in front of me, its not my problem. Like Iraq.

Forgive me for giving a fuck.

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