Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Cool Glass of Water

Here's something very refreshing, from the comments of one of my earlier posts. This one means a lot to me.

Ryan, There are several "buzz phrases" being thrown around out there, "fighting for oil", "Bush lies/lied", "we are occupying Iraq", et all. The moment I hear one of these "lines" being spouted, I am sure the person has no clue what life is about, let alone what is going on in Iraq.

A case in point, Micheal Moore: he wants us to lose, so he can take control of a mindless group of pious sychophants and run the country from behind those he would support. It's a pity anyone can hate America so much that they attack our values with little or none of their own. The debate whether we should go to war in Iraq ended the day the war started. Our job now, is to see it through, as a union. We fight alongside the iraqis, not against them, and anyone that believes we should not be there, or did the wrong thing, should hold that opinion until the war is over, and our troops are back home.

To give the enemy even a hint that we are not united, is more devestating than any bomb can do. Americans and iraqis are dying, daily, much as we ourselves did in the revolution for these United States. The terrorists are there only to dash hopes, kill innocents, or innocence, and force people to capitulate to their wishes. Anyone that believes they are on the side of iraq is ...not well informed, at best. And anyone that believes we are occupying Iraq, just can not get their head out of the sand.

I stand by my iraqi brothers and sisters, as I know they will stand by us in the future, that is what the insurgents fear most. We will never let them win, for we will never give up hope, nor give in to those that would control us. Kill one, ten rise up to take his place, the tide has turned, it is no longer the insurgent that can make that claim. Good luck, Godspeed, and keep up the good fight.


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