Monday, June 20, 2005

Heading Out Part Two

Here I go again, a few hours from flying out, this time to Fort Lewis, WA. People ask if I'm nervous. Why? I already did basic, now I'm going to my duty station. I'll be nervous when the situation calls for it. Til then, I can entertain inflated fantasies of what the wonderful state of Washington will hold for me.

I'll post more neat stories about Basic and how awesome it was later. I apologize, but at the moment, I'm at a loss for decent adjectives. And I still have lots of loose ends to tie up.

Packing List for Reporting (There's always a packing list with the Army, it seems, so I better devise one as well):

-Uniforms, PTs, BDU, and Class A as well as all other issued clothing
-Wallet with ID and debit card
-Civilian clothes
-Family Guy Seasons 1-3 on DVD
-XBOX with all CDs stored on hard drive
-Stephen King's "The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass"

A very feeble list, I admit, but I'll only be able to check two bags, and I really don't feel like bothering with all of my worldly possessions that I won't have room for. I'll come back for my guitar and peripherals after I've bought a decent motor vehicle of some nature.

Ok, so there I was, in a college town this weekend, still with me? Good. I'm talking with some old friends of mine, listening to the same old, "Wow, u r lyke, the LAST person I would expect to join the army, omg." And this hippied out supposed-collegiate mangey dude says, "You're in the army, huh dude? That's cool. I just wanna say that I hate Bush. (Insert uninformed opinions here). I don't mean to bring you down or anything, man, but I hope you don't die for oil."

.....Wow, people like that sure are interesting, and very worth my time to talk to. Because come on, they've obviously looked into the subject HEAVILY, otherwise how could they ever make a connection between Iraq and oil? Man, this guy must stay up all hours of the night, hunting for information so as to be an informed individual, capable of sharing intelligent and thought provoking insights on the world. Before that fateful night, I had never heard any accusations about the evil United States stealing oil from poor old Iraq. I'm so glad he put it into perspective for me.

And I'm a liar.

I know a few guys who have been to the waterless beaches of the middle east, and yes, were DEPLOYED there, not vacationing with Sean Penn, who in the entire time they were there, did not ONCE have any involvement with an oilfield. But hey, its the war we fight, right?

Me personally, when I'm not out killing babies and ruining lives of strangers, I enjoy taking over oilfields by force, and during my off time, I pal around with the boogeyman, and together we cause all the problems in the world.

Oh I'm sorry, did I seem sarcastic? Well shit.

On a serious note, all I ask from anyone who wants to talk to me about anything remotely political, is that you please don't accuse me of anything that you don't know for a fact about (and hearing it on TV or the radio does not count. Depending on fevered egoes to keep you informed is a little counter productive). Well, I should clarify. Without the media, no one would have any effective means of finding out about global situations. So instead, please don't swallow everything you're told (and I agree to do the same), and please do some real research and form your own opinions, don't borrow someone else's for convenience's sake. Think for yourself, its fun, I promise.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Hold your remarks regarding members of the military not thinking for themselves, its old, tired, and cliche. But I digress. Later on, once things are settled, I'll do a better job of explaining what the military lifestyle has been like for me thus far, and I may even throw in some very interesting rants for you, the reader to dislike and disagree with.

Kudos to the Americans that don't give in to stagnation. I wear the flag for you. For those at the end of the learning curve, there's a spot saved for you, looking forward to seeing you there.

Stay tuned for patriotic ranting from a slightly different perspective.


strykeraunt said...

Hi Ryan, I came to your blog by way of I saw you have transferred to Fort Lewis and wanted to welcome you to the Rainy State!! I live about a half an hour from Fort Lewis and have two nephews who were stationed there. One nephew was with the Triple Nickel and the other with the 3/2 Stryker Brigade.

You have a great blog and I am hoping you will update soon.

Take care

Anonymous said...


There are several "buzz phrases" being thrown around out there, "fighting for oil", "Bush lies/lied", "we are occupying Iraq", et all. The moment I hear one of these "lines" being spouted, I am sure the person has no clue what life is about, let alone what is going on in Iraq. A case in point, Micheal Moore: he wants us to lose, so he can take control of a mindless group of pious sychophants and run the country from behind those he would support. It's a pity anyone can hate America so much that they attack our values with little or none of their own. The debate whether we should go to war in Iraq ended the day the war started. Our job now, is to see it through, as a union. We fight alongside the iraqis, not against them, and anyone that believes we should not be there, or did the wrong thing, should hold that opinion until the war is over, and our troops are back home. To give the enemy even a hint that we are not united, is more devestating than any bomb can do. Americans and iraqis are dying, daily, much as we ourselves did in the revolution for these United States. The terrorists are there only to dash hopes, kill innocents, or innocence, and force people to capitulate to their wishes. Anyone that believes they are on the side of iraq is ...not well informed, at best. And anyone that believes we are occupying Iraq, just can not get their head out of the sand. I stand by my iraqi brothers and sisters, as I know they will stand by us in the future, that is what the insurgents fear most. We will never let them win, for we will never give up hope, nor give in to those that would control us. Kill one, ten rise up to take his place, the tide has turned, it is no longer the insurgent that can make that claim. Good luck, Godspeed, and keep up the good fight.


Anonymous said...

It is pretty erie that Iraq had been undercutting OPEC prices with their deals to China, Russia, and France..