Sunday, January 30, 2005

Still Preparing

If I denied you my down moments, I'd be denying you my experience.

I came home this afternoon, and even though I've been busting my ass to see everyone one last time (most people won't be around here in four years), there isn't enough time. Starting to feel like a ghost already, which is basically what I will be in Great Falls. A face on a milk carton.

On one hand, I could focus on what I'll be doing when I get there, but what would the point be? I'll have plenty of time to worry about it then.

Talked to one of my uncles, who was an MP during Desert Storm, and he personally wouldn't have suggested infantry. Don't worry, I too wonder what the hell I'm getting myself into. His advice for pretty much everything during that conversation was "Duck and cover." Pretty soon, I came to realize that 'duck and cover' translates to 'you're fucked, pal.' When one is ducking and covering, one can kiss their ass goodbye.

Personally, I prefer "Just fucking do it." That will be my personal mental mantra for some time. Beats the other one.

My family wants to come to Butte with me. Understandable. Not much to say about that. My old man isnt too cheery about me leaving, which again, is understandable. What are you gonna do though? Just fucking do it.

I won't lie though, I'm feeling incredibly low right now. I'd like to just go to sleep, but that would be throwing even more time away. I've got phone calls to make, but I should also relax. I may spend a long time in the hottub tonight. I guess there isnt a whole lot to say really, feeling down, but chin up and all that cliche shittyness. Just fucking do it.

"This thing is ugly, and it scares me, but I'm the one who put it there."
-A particular "Hypobu" to remain anonymous.

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Anonymous said...

And this Hypobu says to that:

You'll do great. Have some fun...and don't take life too seriously ok??

Best of Luck.
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