Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nothing New, Nothing.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my recruiter at 1 PM, and 'locking my job', which really means nothing because its at MEPS that they truly lock you in, but who's keeping score?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous or apprehensive. This is going to suck, I have no doubt in my mind. It'll be very hard. Nothing familiar to touch base with. (No women?!) Right now I can only imagine. And honestly, I hope that each night I AM so worn out that I just rack out and sleep. Don't want to lay awake missing everyone. I'll have plenty of time to wish I was elsewhere when I'm in the gas chamber with snot from my nose to my boot, trying my damnedest to give my name, rank, and serial number, or whatever it is they ask for while you gasp for CS filled air.

Pushups, so many pushups. I'm sure that after basic, when I can use a computer again, I'll tell you ALL about these damn exercises. But for now, I can just worry. And wonder whether or not they'll give me BCGs (birth control glasses) to correct my estigmatism. Sgt Clegg pointed out that I have football shaped eyes. Way to make a girl feel good, Sarge.

So many things I'm wondering and thinking about.

Waking up at 4 AM, PT, proper gig line, blousing BDUs, zeroing an M16, maintaining equipment, pushups, running, pushups, running, PT tests, pushups and running and more pushups, chow hall, latrine duty, Drill Sergeants smoking the bejesus out of you because they can, inspections, realizing right now that I don't even have a CLUE what this will be like. All my insight and imaginations can be set to fire right now, because it won't mean anything once I get there.

I'll post again before I leave, I'm positive about that one. And after Basic, then maybe this will actually be interesting. Who knows.

Tip your waitresses. I dont.

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rachie said...

alright...i have succumbed. You should tip your waitresses. especially at cattins. you never know what they're hiding in that apron.....